The “Giro d’Italia delle CPP” (GPPC) is a nation-wide awareness campaign aimed at the promotion and development of homogenous child-specific palliative care services throughout the Italian regions. The project interlinks a series of sporting, scientific, institutional, cultural, recreational events organised at a regional level.

The concept is an ‘umbrella campaign’ under which it is possible to participate through the organization of ad hoc events or by incorporating, within events/exhibitions already scheduled, an activity dedicated to the theme of Paediatric Palliative care (PPC) that encompasses the distribution of GPPC informative material. 

The idea, generated from the combined efforts of the 200+ members of the spontaneous network ‘Innamorati delle CPP (‘In love with PPC’) comprised predominantly of social and healthcare professionals working with seriously ill children and their families, foresees a specific awareness/communication campaign regarding PPC delivery.

In 2023, the GPPC initiatives will be organised between the 15th of May and the 18th of June, the related communication campaign will be dedicated to ‘Dispelling the misconceptions and issues linked to PPC’ aimed at promoting a positive perception of PPC, exactly what it is and how it is organised and the numerous benefits of this type of care for the families concerned. Thus, dispelling preconceptions and fallacies that continue to act as barriers to the development and acceptance of PPC services and its integration into healthcare policy.

In addition to the general public, the project foresees informational initiatives is aimed at policy makers, healthcare authority managers, clinical, nursing and social-healthcare workers; all those professional figures involved in the implementation of policies, care models and practices capable of guaranteeing access to efficient PPC services for all those who need them in their region of residency.

The Maruzza Foundation acts as the National Secretariat and Coordination Hub for the GPPC initiative, assuming the strategic leadership for the project, overseeing regional cooperation and logistics management for the events.

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