What is One for Life?

One for Life is a fundraising scheme that permits everyone to donate 1 euro to support the Maruzza Foundation’s mission. It is a flexible program that can be tailored to the different characteristics of national and international businesses through a specific partnership agreement.
It’s free to join!

How does it work?

Your network of employees, customers, suppliers and associates can make a voluntary 1euro donation to the Maruzza Foundation for goods or services received. For example; 1 euro for each night spent in a hotel, 1 euro for a restaurant bill, 1 euro for a booked holiday, 1 euro for an insurance policy, etc.
Your clients will be aware that their purchase generates a donation toward the realization of a specific project.

When to set up One for Life

Anytime during the year

How to manage donations through One for Life

Donations must be registered accordingly. The donations are not liable for tax nor are included in the business’ revenue.

How to extend the fundraising further

In addition to the funds raised through the voluntary involvement of customers, suppliers, employees and associates, a partner can also commit to match the funds raised by making a donation from their own resources. In some instances the company will match a euro with a euro, some more than match the donation – sometimes as much a three times the amount raised.

How to join the One for Life scheme

Send an email request to donazioni@maruzza.org, indicating:
– name (or company name)
– Job title
– Full contact details (address, phone, fax, email, website)
– Description of the type of initiative that you want to link to the One for Life program.