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Bank credit transfer

You can also donate with a bank credit transfer:

Beneficiary: Fondazione Maruzza Lefebvre D’Ovidio ETS
IBAN: IT41V0321103200052807821020

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0.33 - Regular donations (SDD Core debit, formerly Bank Rid)

The families of children with incurable illness face constant challenges on a daily basis. By becoming a regular donor you can stand side-by-side with them everyday.
Regular donations and longer-term donations help us to plan for future projects and better support those who need our help for as long as they need it.
A contribution of € 10 per month (33 cents per day) can make a real difference to their lives.

The donation is deductible for taxpayers in Italy and revocable at any time. Go to section ‘0.33 Regular Donations’ and fill out the form.

0.33 Regular Donations
5x1000 tax credits

If you are resident in Italy, you can allocate your 5x1000 tax credits to the Maruzza Foundation on your tax return form (730, UNICO and CUD).

Just sign the space reserved for 5x1000 tax credits indicating the Foundations ’s tax code: 96399260585

You can make a ‘better today’ for these children every day. Your contribution will be used to provide professional training for children’s palliative care teams and to promote better access to children’s palliative care services globally.