Donations in memory

Donating or fundraising in someone's memory is a very special and meaningful way to remember them by honouring their life and helping others at the same time.

You can celebrate the life of a loved one and all the wonderful things that made them special through a lasting gift of love and respect in support of children with incurable illness and their families.

If you wish, the Maruzza Fondation will write a letter in memory of your loved one for you or for family members.
To request the in memory letter, please contact us at:

Gifts in wills

Leaving money to a charity in your will is a gesture of solidarity, a way of looking after future generations in years to come.

Gifts in wills help us to fund professional CPC training and to improve care and support for children with incurable illness and their families.

This generous gesture can be done simply and easily in full accordance with your last wishes and respect for your family’s rights.
If you want more information about bequests to the Maruzza Foundation, you can contact us at