Great success for the “Giro d’Italia delle CPP 2024” (GPPCC)

1 July 2024

The “Giro d’Italia delle CPP” (GPPCC) is a nation-wide awareness campaign made possible thanks to the commitment of the many local associations that organize events in their towns or area. The local events, which can take the form of either a sporting, scientific or recreational event, are designed to provide visibility and raise awareness of Paediatric Palliative Care (PPC).

The Giro d’Italia delle Cure Palliative Pediatriche (GPPCC ) 2024 was inaugurated on the 4th May on the Ponte della Musica in Rome. After over a month of events organised throughout Italy, the GCPP became one of the most significant national events aimed at raised awareness, among the general public, social/ healthcare professionals and policy makers, of the important benefits of paediatric palliative care.

The third edition of the GPPCC entitled “To Each Their Hub, Together we are Network” was dedicated to the development of Paediatric Palliative Care Networks, as stipulated in Law 38/2010, in each of the Italian regions.

The goal of the GPPC is to build a shared culture of PPC through the dissemination of precise information aimed at promoting greater awareness regarding this type of care. The campaign, targeting primarily the general public, also serves as a call to action for institutions and the scientific community to develop and activate PPC services throughout the Italian regions in order to respect the child and family’s right to access healthcare services close to their place of residence.

Our campaign gives a voice to those caring for children with serious illness and provides them with an opportunity to share their experiences with PPC and to raise awareness of its benefits. Through these recreational events we want to bring people closer to a challenging and problematic subject that permits us to initiate a dialogue regarding our rapport with the concept of healthcare provision and serious illness.

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