Simona Cacace



She is an affirmed, private Researcher in Comparative Law and a Lecturer in Bio-Law at the Law Department of Brescia University. She received her PhD with the highest grade from the Sant’Anna University of Pisa. She has published several books; ‘Self-determination in Healthcare‘ and ‘Choice and Science. Interface in healthcare and advance treatment provisions‘ (Giappichelli Editor), she has edited two other publications and written approximately seventy articles. She has also been a Plenary Speaker at numerous national and international conferences and seminars.
She is a member of the editorial board of the High impact magazine ‘Rome and America. The Journal of Integration and Unification of Law in Eurasia and Latin America’.
She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Civil and Juvenile Courts in Brescia. She acts as a Peer-Reviewer for various scientific journals, many high impact. Her focus areas for research, study and teaching include; responsibility in healthcare, the beginning and the end of life, safeguarding health and individual choice with respect to the generally accepted treatment of the body.