The Charter Of The Rights Of The Dying Child – The Trieste Charter

In September 2012 a panel of professionals working with children with serious illness launched a project promoted and supported by the Maruzza Foundation: the preparation of a charter of rights for children nearing the end of their lives.
In our culture, we do not like to discuss illness and death with regards to children.

The death of a child is a devastating and tragic event for all those involved: the family members who, distraught by grief, can lose their sense of purpose and modify their behaviour, role and perspectives; the healthcare providers who are called upon to address the child’s complex care needs, where professionalism, ethics, deontology and practice must reckon with personal emotions, experiences and fears.

The Charter of the Rights of the Dying Child, was highlights 10 rights of young patients that age, condition, culture, location and time, cannot, nor should not, undermine. A series of duties corresponds to each right: the Charter describes and defines them, endeavouring to combine all the professional, ethical, legislative and research aspects.

The Charter will have achieved its purpose when every person caring for a dying child is capable of staying near to the child until the last moments of his/her life, prepared to accept and embrace his/her death, ensuring respect and dignity.

Our goal is to broaden the global consensus and promote the diffusion of the principles outlined in the Charter.

The following organizations have already endorsed the Charter:

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