Our work in Italy

In Italy, the Foundation is working for the development of a national network of palliative care services for children, created for and around people.

A casa è più meglio/At home it’s more better” exclaimed by a 6 year old boy being cared for at home; the picture of a the house with a stethoscope was drawn by a little girl of 5, sister of a paediatric patient also being cared for at home in Pordenone by the home care team supported by the Maruzza Regional Association FVG together with other local organisations. This catchphrase and image represent the Maruzza Foundation’s approach to the needs of critically ill children.
We chose, in fact, talk like them and communicate with the spontaneity, sincerity and directness that only children have.

This year, during the Cordenons leg of the Tour of Italy on May 14th of some of the Pink Caravan team members joined the cause of paediatric palliative home care, to give a voice to 12,000 children and their families affected by serious chronic and incurable illness in Italy who, for the most part, do not have access to adequate support.

Currently, there are Maruzza Associations operating in 3 regions (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Basilicata), the number it is destined to grow and develop into a national network of support for children with incurable illness and their families.

The Regional Maruzza Associations

Associazione Maruzza Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia Onlus
President: Omar Leone – email:  o.leone@maruzza.org
mobile +39 328 5667727

Associazione Maruzza Regione Basilicata Onlus
President: Maria Luisa Ferlin – email: maruzza.basilicata@maruzza.orgml.ferlin@maruzza.org
mobile +39 328 5542850

Associazione Maruzza Regione Marche Onlus
President: Elmo Santini – email: presidenteassmarche@maruzza.org
mobile +39 347 9611372

Associazione Maruzza Regione Liguria Onlus
President: Maria Teresa Cstelli – email: presidenteassliguria@maruzza.org
mobile cell. +39 379 1088014

Associazione Maruzza Regione Lombardia
President: Gabriele Bertarini – email: infolombardia@maruzza.org