The Maruzza Foundation provides essential skills and financial resources to national and international governmental institutions for the realization of a common goal: access to palliative care as a human right for everyone.
During recent years, we have gained the trust and support of the Italian Ministry of Health with whom we work closely to promote a totally new approach to palliative care services for children. In 2007, the Maruzza Foundation and the Ministry of Health signed a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the Children Project; this laid the foundations for an agreement with local governments for the institution of a national network of Hospice and Palliative Care services for children.

The Maruzza Foundation played a significant role in the drafting of innovative legislation (Law 38/2010) stipulating precise criteria for the organization and delivery of child-specific palliative care and pain management in Italy.
Currently seven Regional Health Authorities (Lazio, Basilicata, Marche, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giuli, and the Independent Provinces of Trento and Bolzano) are developing paediatric palliative care networks based on the“Children Project” model.

The Maruzza Foundation is also collaborating with the Regional Health Authority Agency (Age.Na.S) to assist in the design and implementation of training programs on palliative care in adults and children aimed at healthcare and social workers, and on issues related to communication as outlined in law 38/2010.