Gold Medal of Merit for services rendered to the public health sector

18 October 2015

On the 19th July, during an official ceremony at the Italian Ministry of Health in Rome, the Maruzza Foundation was presented the Gold Medal of Meritfor services rendered to the public healthcare sector.

The motives for this prestigious recognition read: “The Maruzza Foundation, an important national and international protagonist in the field of palliative care, works to ensure palliative care and pain management that fully respects quality of life, dignity and values, for all incurable patients. For many years, the Maruzza Foundation has worked besides governmental institutions providing essential skills and financial resourcesfor the realization of a common goal: access to palliative care as a human right for everyone. In 2007, the Maruzza Foundation and the Ministry of Health signed a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the Children Project, promoted in collaboration with scientific organizations, paediatric and family associations, this project introduced a totally new approach to palliative care services for children: the recognition of the child’s and the family’s right to dignity and to be involved in care choices regarding timing, setting and type of therapy throughout the course of the illness”.

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