8th February 2017 – The ‘Religions of the World Charter for Children’s Palliative Care’ arrives at the Scottish Parliament

9 February 2017

Silvia Lefebvre D’Ovidio, who will present this important document before Members of the Scottish Parliament and representatives of the main faiths and religions, commented: “Italy is the first nation to have ratified legislation stipulating the right of babies, children and adolescents (0-18 years) to access dedicated palliative care services appropriate to their age and specific needs. The ‘Religions of the World Charter for Children’s Palliative Care’, conceived and supported by the Maruzza Foundation, represents an important step in the global development and diffusion of this essential care. I am very proud to be a voice speaking out for children’s’ palliative care today in Edinburgh and I am sure that the Scottish initiative will be another important step in raising awareness of this much neglected problem that regards nearly 21 million seriously ill children and their families worldwide.”